The Egg is a digital agency with offices in Hong Kong and China, specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) in China and throughout Asia.

We conduct SEO for our clients using our proprietary marketing and analytics tool, SE-Intel, which has been developed specifically for Asian markets by our team of engineers and multilingual SEO specialists, to help you achieve your SEO targets in Asia.

Paid search can be a powerfully effective search engine marketing (SEM) tool to maximize the search visibility of your web properties. When executed poorly, however, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can lead to high expenditures, but little results.

The Egg has experience bringing high returns on SEM budgets for PPC campaigns in China and Asia by identifying the right target market, driving them to your web properties, and leading them to action.

When it comes to search, everything is relative to how your competitors are performing. Wouldn’t you like to know what you’re competitors are up to and how you stack up against them?

We offer competitive intelligence services as well as a suite of competitive intelligence software designed specifically with Asian markets in mind to provide you crucial information about your company’s online search competitive environment.

Customer Success


Zhang, Bo (Richard)
Online Marketing Manager
eBay, China

Customer Success


Wu, Kun Tao
Website Operation Manager

Integrated Asian Search Campaigns

By integrating natural SEO with paid search offerings, we offer a holistic approach to your search campaigns, allowing us to choose the best strategy for each targeted market and keyword group, leading to the smartest use of your budget.
Baidu PPC Management

Baidu is synonymous with search in China. Looking to quickly increase your search visibility in China? Start driving targeted traffic to your Chinese site through a pay-per-click campaign with Baidu. We work to keep your budget low and your conversions high.
How an SEO Audit can help

If you’re unaware of which opportunities exist, it’s not possible to take advantage of them. An SEO audit can help get the pulse of your web properties’ SEO situation, its competitive environment, and provide a roadmap to SEO success.
SEO Audit
Report and Measure Success

Using our own suite of competitive intelligence and analytic tools, we constantly monitor the performance of our campaigns to continually make optimizations, and provide you with valuable data on your website’s success.
Performance Reporting

The Latest News and Trends on Search and Social Media Optimization in China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia.

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Probably, you have heard about SEO, most especially if you are fond of surfing the internet and if you are engaged in an online business. However, you are not that convinced that it works very well in all businesses. But, you wonder why it is so crucial. Well, there are many compelling reasons why SEO is a good idea for your business. You should not consider it as a cost, because it is an investment. It could foster you to obtain a high return, which will probably increase your profits. Just imagine when you rank high on a search engine. Your website will directly be visible to the people, which mean that there is a higher possibility that people will choose to click your site. All you need to do is to use a keyword that is oftentimes used by most users.

One of the best things to increase your SEO is to have a great blog in your website. It is not sufficient to just write anything on your website. It should be directly connected so that people could immediately find what they need. Of course, it should be understood by all of your prospects. Otherwise, they will end up not availing your products or services, since they even don't know what you are talking about. If you want to know more about blogging, visit our website.

About Actual Human Visitors To Websites

Running a website is hard enough without having to contend with bot traffic that is only going to damage your website's reputation, not to mention its rankings on search engines. You really don't want to be the victim of sources of bad traffic. If you are going to get traffic, regardless of whether it's paid or not, you are going to want to make sure that they are 100% Real Human Visitors. This is just something that you'll need to do.

More than anything else, it's the kind of traffic that you get that will determine how successful your website will be as opposed to the number. If you're just going to focus on the amount instead of the quality, you are definitely missing out. More than that, you are also wasting your time and effort, not to mention your money.

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